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Guest Contributors

Contribute to the Natchitoches.NET BlogWe Are Seeking Guest Contributors

We are currently seeking a few key guest contributors to help grow our blog and add valuable content for our visitors.  If you are reading this, then this might be of some interest to you for one reason or another. Like us, you probably have some connection to Natchitoches, Louisiana (resident, business owner, previous resident, or just passing through) and guest posting is a great way to showcase your writing, get the word out about your own website and improve the search engine rankings for your own site.

Our e-mailbox is always open. We welcome a good sense of humor and are looking for contributions from folks who have a passion for anything and everything related to Natchitoches Parish.

Content: What kind of articles would I write?

Here’s a list of some of the article topics we think would fit well within our evolving format:

  • Art: folk art, dance, music, crafts, galleries, etc.
  • Food: original, local, regional recipes and dishes; restaurant reviews.
  • Travel Itineraries: personal accounts of guided, walking, driving tours.
  • Festival Reviews: New Year’s, Mardi Gras, Jazz, Arts & Crafts, Meat Pie, Christmas Festival…
  • Photography: Send us your watermarked photo(s), or unwatermarked, to use in an article and we’ll link to your studio and credit you where the photo is used.
  • History: Are you a History major? A self-proclaimed local History buff?  Want to share that paper you spent hours preparing for school? Or maybe a family tale from Natchitoches Parish that’s been passed down a few generations. Share it with our visitors!

Reward: What do I get out of it?

At this time, we are not offering pay per post positions. You will have the benefit of being linked from your article to your website via an author's byline listed in every story you post. Building links that are relevant is key in the new era of SEO (search engine optimization). Don’t have a blog but want one?  Click here to see our Website Hosting page.

However, in an effort to give back to our guest contributors, we are working towards an ad revenue sharing program using the Google AdSense program.

Lastly, you’ll have the joy of sharing aspects of our culture and heritage with the great community of residents and travelers that make up Natchitoches Parish.

Guidelines: What is explicitly forbidden?

Natchitoches.NET is a family friendly group of websites focusing on Tourism in and around Natchitoches Parish. We will not publish articles or link to an author’s blog that may be considered disrespectful, scandalous, devious, conniving, fraudulent, provocative, and/or any other term that may be misconstrued as being connected to the history of Louisiana politics.  Long story short, if you submit an article to us be forewarned that we might just publish it (regardless of the factual validity of the subject matter).

 Editor Approval: Will my article be published as submitted?

Most likely your article will remain just as you’ve submitted it.  We will run a quick spell check and ask any questions that stand out regarding any glaring errors, but for the most part your article will be published as submitted. You are responsible for the flow, grammar, and final content of your article. Once your article is approved it will be published in the appropriate category.

Submit your guest article for review TODAY!