NATCHITOCHES – “Claireese” is a little old retired lady, who has nothing to do but walk the streets of Natchitoches! Her sculptures will depict certain events that take place in our historic town.

Claireese will always have her floppy hats on, her fleur de’ lis handbag, and a shopping bag.

Claireese is also a “Penny Series”. ¬†She will have a penny embedded on her sculpture of the year she was created. The penny serves as a permanent marker of the year created and also is a “lucky” charm for the artist. Clarieese is the 3rd Penny Series and 4th number series introduced by Artist Kathy Tate Davis. Davis has been doing okra pod art sculptures since 1993.

For more information about “Claireese”, you can call Georgia’s Gift Shop in historic downtown Natchitoches at 318-352-5833. Georgia’s Gift Shop is located at 626 Front Street, Natchitoches, Louisiana.

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