City of Natchitoches Recycling Center
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The City of Natchitoches in partnership with Progressive Waste Solutions and Alliance Compressors has made recycling a little more convenient for residents living outside of city limits. The Natchitoches Recycling Center located on Mill Street will allow residents to drop off recyclable materials seven days a week. The recycling center will be maintained by the City of Natchitoches Public Works Department and recycling service and pick-up will be provided by Progressive Waste Solutions.

Residents are encouraged to drop off appropriate recyclable materials into any of the blue bins located at the Natchitoches Recycling Center. Examples of appropriate items include: newspaper, corrugated boxes, cardboard, magazines, mail, paper, telephone books, shopping catalogues, aluminum cans, steel cans, plastic drink bottles, plastic milk jugs, and detergent bottles.

Food waste, yard waste, glass bottles, furniture, appliances, tires, toys, automobile parts, paint buckets, batteries, construction materials, aerosol spray cans, wood, rocks, bricks and dirt are strictly prohibited and should NOT be placed in the bins.

All City of Natchitoches Utility customers will continue to receive residential recycling services.

“We are hoping that by providing a place for people to drop off their recyclables, that more people living outside of the city limits will be encouraged to recycle,” stated Mayor Lee Posey.

Alliance plant manager Ken Gardner commented that “Alliance fully supports this effort to encourage residents of Natchitoches and the surrounding area to recycle. One of our core values is to be a good steward in our community, thus we will promote availability of this recycling option to our employees.”

For more information on the Natchitoches Recycling Center, please call City Hall at (318) 352-2772.

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