Kisatchie National Forest officials along with representatives from the United States Mint are pleased to announce the ceremonial launch of the America the Beautiful Quarter featuring Kisatchie National Forest. On Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015 at 10 a.m. at the Alexandria Riverfront Center located in downtown Alexandria, the quarter featuring Kisatchie National Forest will be celebrated.

Kistachie National Forest Quarter
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Kistachie National Forest Quarter

“We are thrilled to represent the State of Louisiana in the America the Beautiful Quarters® Program,” said Eddie Taylor, Kisatchie National Forest Supervisor. “This is an incredible honor and an opportunity to showcase the Kisatchie, Louisiana’s only National Forest.” Known throughout the south as an outstanding turkey hunting destination, the Kisatchie quarter depicts an Eastern Wild Turkey in flight over blue stem grass with Longleaf pine trees in the background.

The ceremony will include live music, singing, videos, presentations and much more. Each person 18 years and younger will receive a newly minted Kisatchie quarter. Adults will have the opportunity to exchange cash for rolls of uncirculated Kisatchie National Forest quarters. Tom Tidwell, Chief of the US Forest Service, B. B. Craig, Associate Director for Environment, Safety, and Health of the U.S. Mint, along with other elected officials and dignitaries from across the state will attend.

“The Kisatchie quarter launch is forging new relationships and strengthening existing ones within our community, explained Jim Caldwell, Public Affairs Officer for Kisatchie National Forest. “We could not put an event of this magnitude together on our own,” said Caldwell. “We have community partners who are excited about this historic event, and have a love of Louisiana and the Kisatchie National Forest.”

USDA: Press Release

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