Juchereau St. Denis Statue

Brief History

This bronze statue of Natchitoches founder, Chevalier Louis Antoine Juchereau de St.Denis was created by sculptor, Larry Crowder of Fort Worth, Texas. It was sculpted and cast in bronze in Texas. It was erected near the end of the El Camino Real in downtown Natchitoches as “a lasting memorial to the historic bond between Quebec, Louisiana and Texas”.

St. Denis Sculpture, by Larry Crowder
The inscription is as follows:

Louis Juchereau de St. Denis 1676 – 1744

In 1700 explored & established trade with the Natchitoches Indians voyaging on Red River. In 1714 built a garrisoned post to repel the Spanish, promoted trade, searched mines. Married in 1716 at the Rio del Norte Pesidio. Leadership of Indians & victory at Pensacola won knighthood by Louis XV in the military Order of St. Louis. After 1720 he served as commandant of the Upper Cane – Red River – Natchitoches District for 24 years. Born at Quebec in 1676. His tomb (1744) is under the site of the first parish church.”

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