Taylor-Cook (Steel Magnolia) House

Brief History

Written history of this home states that it was originally built in the 1840’s by Italian architects, Trizini and Soldini, and was built for Louis Dupleix as a store. An earlier writer of Natchitoches history, J. H. Cosgrove, referred to it as a “great business spot” and during the Civil War, it has been said it was used as a hospital. In the early 1900’s Mr. Jackson L. Bryan moved the home from its original location next to the sidewalk to where it now stands.

The more recent claim to fame of this historic home is the on-site filming of much of the movie, Steel Magnolias. Many of the scenes from the movie were filmed in the home and in the grand gardens, adding popularity to this already significantly historic home and quickly making it the “most photographed” home in town. Notable features include the circular brick columns along the facade of the home, original wood floors, grand staircase, and antiques.  In 2003, Karen and Paul Rinehart purchased the home, and it became known as the Steel Magnolia House Bed and Breakfast.

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